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Matriarch (2018) WebDL 1080p 6.0314


An expecting Mother (Rachel) and husband (Matt) crash their car in the countryside and are offered shelter by a farmer and his wife. Rachel soon realizes the farmer’s children are in fact stolen. Just as they try to escape from the farm Rachel goes into labor…..

After becoming stranded in the Scottish countryside Rachel and Matt Hopkins are offered a night’s shelter by a farmer and his wife (the Fairbairns) who are oddly infatuated by Rachel’s pregnancy. That evening Rachel and Matt realize the farmer’s daughter is Ellie Adams, a missing child who was headline news years before. As they attempt leave the farm and get help, the Fairbairn’s capture and imprison them – they want their baby.

Living in a remote part of Scotland can be a lonely existence. Unexpected visitors in the middle of the night are a sight for sore eyes. When the victims of a car crash stumble upon a farmhouse miles from civilization, they think they are safe. But, the strange inhabitants have other ideas.

A pregnant woman and her husband are taken in by a farmer and his wife after their car crashes in the remote Scottish countryside. Once inside, they realize their hosts’ daughter is in fact abducted and made headlines when she went missing years earlier. Things take a sinister twist when the farmer and his wife tell the couple they will take the woman’s baby once the child is born.




Duration: 91 min Min


Release Date: 2018-11-02